Financial Translation Workshop

Financial translation is one of the biggest fields open to freelance translators, but breaking in can be hard. It is a world of arcane terminology and difficult concepts, where precision is critical, and a great deal of money can hang in the balance. The market turmoil of the past six years has made this a more difficult market to crack. For this workshop, a Japanese-language text of 1,000-2,000 characters will be made available in advance, and the session will focus on analysis of participants’ translations, followed by general discussion.

Please download this file and follow the instructions if you plan on attending this session:

1. Translate as much of the article as you wish prior to the session.

2. Make lists of terms you wish to discuss.

3. If you return (via the IJET Organizing Committee) your translations and lists of questions one week prior to the session, I will review them, and we can use them during the session.