Learning by Doing

Intrigued by a talk about self-publishing, a group of JAT members decided to work on putting a book together by themselves from concept to finished product. They formed the JATTIP special interest group, where “TIP” stands for “translator-initiated publishing.” The first JATTIP project focuses on the Edo iroha proverbs that have been used in the traditional game of karuta for hundreds of years, and many of which are still well-known today. The book will include possible English translations for each proverb and light commentaries that provide explanations and further background.

The presentation will begin with an overview of self-publishing and its viability and growing acceptance as a means of getting books to readers. It will then cover JATTIP’s progress on the iroha project, how it varies from more straightforward translation, and what we have learned along the way. Finally, it will look ahead to the remaining stages before the project is complete.

The session is open to anyone interested in self-publishing, though discussion of the ongoing project is likely to be of more interest to Japanese-English translators.