Eleanor Robinson-Yamaguchi

Dr. Eleanor Robinson-Yamaguchi has been a faculty member in the Department of British and American Studies, Aichi Prefectural University since 2012, after having obtained her doctorate from the University of Kyoto. Previously, she has taught at Ritsumeikan University and Kobe Women’s University. Prior to that, she was Associate Professor at Osaka University’s Research Institute for World Languages (RIWL).

Whilst in graduate school, she also taught Japanese-English Translation Studies for four years at the Osaka branch of Interschool.

Originally from the UK, Eleanor did her Bachelor’s Degree in Japanese Studies at Sheffield University before joining the JET programme for three years and working as a Co-ordinator for International Relations (CIR) for Aomori City Hall. She relocated to Kyoto to carry out her graduate studies under the tutelage of Professor Nakanishi Terumasa.

Eleanor has continued to follow up her research on now little known Satsuma samurai, Nakai Hiromu (1838-1894). For her doctoral research, she translated Nakai’s first travel journal, which describes his 1866-67 journey to Britain. In addition, she is currently working on a translation of Nakai’s second travel journal. Eleanor’s research focuses largely on UK-Japan relations but she also teaches classes in British culture. Eleanor’s blog can be found here.


Translating Japanese History: For Love, Not Money

Rendering Japanese history into English is an important yet seemingly little undertaken endeavour. The challenges are immense and the rewards not overly lucrative. It is no surprise then that few Japanese historians are given a voice in English.

This talk will describe the...