Helen Iwata (IJET-25)

Having worked in Japan for over two decades as a translator, interpreter, trainer, coach, and manager, Helen established Sasuga! Communications in May 2013 to focus on her passions: translating, training, and coaching.

She helps business professionals to build their confidence and capability in giving presentations and other communication-related skills through group workshops and one-on-one coaching.

Helen is from England. She studied German with Japanese at Aston University and holds a Master of Arts in Advanced Japanese Studies from Sheffield University. She studied conference interpreting at Interschool in Tokyo.

Helen served as president of the Japan Association of Translators from 2009 to 2013.


Stand and Deliver – Why and How to Present at Translator Events

How many translators sit in pajamas at their desks, facing multiple monitors, and talk more to Dragon than to other human beings? It’s a bit of a stretch then to stand in a suit, facing a room full of peers, and deliver a presentation at a seminar or conference. Helen will...