Kimie Oshima

B.A. in International Affairs at University of Colorado at Boulder. Ph.D. in Education/Sociolinguistics at International Christian University in Tokyo.

Kimie has been a producer and performer of English Rakugo since 1997. She has performed and been well received in more than twenty different countries. Her activities are supported by the Japan Foundation and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Kimie has written many books and articles on Rakugo, Japanese humor, intercultural communication, language and culture. Her work as a Rakugo performer is introduced in English text books for junior high school students in Japan and thus English Rakugo is now a part of Japanese English education.


Rakugo: Translating and Performing One of Japan’s Traditional Performing Arts

Kimie has been an English Rakugo performer for 16 years. She translates classic and modern Rakugo stories and performs them in a way that foreign audiences can understand and enjoy.

More often than not, merely translating the stories is not enough to introduce the appeal of...