Rick Weisburd (IJET-25)

Rick Weisburd is President and Editor-in-Chief of 株式会社ELSS, a scientific editing and translation service. After studying biology, ecology, biogeochemistry and oceanography (PhD, U. Hawaii) he did research and taught at many institutions, but longest at the National Institute for Environmental Studies (6 years) and the University of Tsukuba (9 years). Along the way, Japanese colleagues requested editing help, which led to a side business working with skillful subcontractors. Eventually Rick quit academia to lead ELSS full time.

He is a long term JAT member and serves as the Councilor for Certification Exam Development of the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences. Rick has lived in Japan since 1990.


On Third Thought: The Value of Careful Editing of Japanese-into-English Translation

The purpose of professional writing is to convey some information from an author to readers; the process is successful only when the reader's understanding is that intended by the author. Even without a change in language, the professional writing process is translation of ideas...