Professor, Meiji University (Retired)

Takao Yamamoto

Professor Takao Yamamoto was born in Kyoto, Japan in 1943. He graduated from the Kyoto University Faculty of Law and joined Mitsui & Co. in 1966, before graduating from the University of Michigan Law School with an LL.M. in 1973.

He was engaged in legal affairs related to international transactions, project contracts, litigation, and intellectual property at the Legal Division of Mitsui & Co., in locations including Tokyo, London and San Francisco.

Appointed to the Meiji University Faculty of Law in 1999, Professor Yamamoto taught International Transactions and Legal English. He has served on the Examiner Panel for the Small and Medium Enterprise Consultant Examination since 2001, and retired from Meiji University in March 2014.

Major Publications:

(2014) A Dictionary for Standard International Business Contracts - Enlarged and Revised Edition: Nikkei Publishing Inc.

(2008) Introduction to License Agreements for Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights, 2nd edn., Sanseido.

(2006) How to Read English Contracts, Nikkei Publishing Inc.

(2006) How to Draft English Contracts, 2nd edn., Nikkei Publishing Inc.


How to Master Reading, Drafting and Translating English Contracts

- with a Focus on License, Distributorship, and Joint Venture Agreements

Japan’s increased internationalization has led to a rise in business contracts executed in English. In the main, these are contracts entered into in Japan between Japanese companies and foreign enterprises...