Bilingual MC / Voice Over Talent

Yukiko Fujimura

Yukiko Fujimura started her career on graduating from Waseda University in 1998 as a news announcer and emcee for TV programs. With her experience on TV, she went on to become an MC for international receptions, ceremonies and events. Working in both Japanese and English, her role includes interpreting guest speeches. Yukiko also works as a voice over talent for commercials and promotional videos.


Hanako Muraoka: Hope for the Future Poured into the Translation of Anne of Green Gables

How many of those who casually picked up a Japanese language version of the classic novel Anne of Green Gables as children or young adults had the Hanako Muraoka translation in their hands?

Born in 1893, Hanako Muraoka left her parents at the tender age of ten to receive an...