Izumi Suzuki (IJET-26)

Izumi Suzuki became a conference interpreter registered with ISS and the Japan Convention Service in Tokyo after graduating from the Japan Interpreter Training School and then completing the ISS Simultaneous Interpreters Course. She moved to Michigan over 30 years ago and established Suzuki, Myers & Associates, Ltd. , a translation/interpreting/cultural training firm, in 1984. She is an ATA-certified (J<>E) translator and has served as a grader over a decade in ATA’s certification Program. She is a court interpreter certified by California, and certified through the consortium states.  Her specialty is automotive business & engineering as well as legal.


Business as a Professional Interpreter

In order to establish/maintain/grow a successful business as a professional interpreter, there are basic principles one should follow and strategies/tactics one could employ. This session will briefly introduce the above, and take questions afterwards.