e-JUKU Discussion

e-Juku is an online skill-building program that has been held annually by JAT since 2009. In its current format, participants translate a short text, then discuss their translations via the Basecamp online forum over a period of two to three weeks, together with input from the program’s mentors. The discussions are far-ranging, and in addition to delving into translation decisions, they include tips and tricks about the art, craft and business of translation. Everyone also gets to "meet" through two Google Hangout videoconferences.


In this IJET session, the current eJuku team will provide a brief account of eJuku history, facts and figures, followed by an explanation of methodology and a look at some common issues faced by novice translators. Alumni of the program are invited to share their experiences from the audience. There should be ample time for questions. Time permitting, the team may present a snippet or two from past eJuku texts as a sampling for the audience.