Alasdair Morgan

Alasdair is a Japanese translator-reviser in the Asian Languages Section of the Patent Cooperation Treaty Translation Service at The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Originally from Vancouver, Alasdair spent several years teaching English in Niigata where his passion for studying Japanese was sparked. After intensively studying Japanese there for several years, he commenced his career as a freelance translator after returning to Vancouver, focusing primarily on translating for the automotive industry before returning to Japan in 2002, where he transitioned to translating pharma- and medical-related material, among other things. In 2014, Alasdair moved with his family to Geneva, Switzerland after being awarded a translator-reviser post at WIPO.

Alasdair enjoys keeping fit by running, cycling and doing boxing and jiu-jitsu with his wife.


The Four Pillars of Technical Translation: A Hands-On Introduction to Patent Translation

This interactive session is geared towards both new and experienced translators who have done little to no technical translation work from Japanese to English in the field of patents, but who are curious about what it entails. The session will begin with a presentation of the...