Pre-IJET JATPATENT/JATTOOLS meeting (Fri, 28 June 2019)

JATPATENT/JATTOOLS will hold a half-day meeting in the afternoon on Friday 28 June, 2019.

The JATPATENT/JATTOOLS meeting includes two presentations by JAT Directors Charlie Aschmann and Nadine Edwards. The titles of their presentations are "Time for TM?" and "Coming Up with Better Solutions for Overused Terms." Admission is A$30 for JAT members and A$40 for non-members.

The JATPATENT/JATTOOLS meeting will take place in Cairns City Library. The City Library is located in the Cairns CBD and has a rich history. The building, which is listed on the Queensland Heritage Register, was constructed in 1929 and served as Cairns City Council's Chambers until Council moved to new premises in 1998.


Time for TM?

Speaker: Charles Aschmann

The translation memory (TM) software landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, but there is one constant: one dominant player with everyone else trying to find a niche in the market. This presentation will look at the gorilla of translation memory (SDL Trados) in the room and some alternatives if you would like to escape its grasp. Depending on your client mix, the way you work, your computer equipment and degree of technophobia, different solutions might be practical. A variety of solutions that offer different approaches will be presented to give an idea of what is available.

Coming Up with Better Solutions for Overused Terms

Speaker: Nadine A. Edwards

Terms and constructions that are easily understood and frequently seen such as 形成する、可能にする、させるようにする, and markers such as 部, 方向, 状態can inadvertently cause problems. Sometimes, one wonders if there is another approach. This workshop aims to present some of these terms and constructions in various contexts so participants can break up into groups to discuss and debate what they use and why. Each group will present its solutions for general discussion.