Pre-IJET JATPHARMA meeting (Fri, 28 June 2019)

JATPHARMA will hold a full-day meeting and workshop with refreshments and lunch on Friday 28 June, 2019.

The JATPHARMA meeting and workshop will feature optional mini-presentations by certain attendees, a training session on abstract nouns by Daisuke Yanase, lunch, and two workshops, one on general pharma translation and the other on editing and research. Admission, which includes refreshments and lunch, is A$50 for JAT members and A$60 for non-members.

- 8:40 Check-in (please arrive by 8:45)
- 9:00 Opening remarks
- 9:15 Mini-presentations by selected attendees
- 10:30 Refreshment break and networking
- 11:00 "Must-know English words that handle abstract ideas" by Daisuke Yanase (plus 10 minutes for discussion)
- 12:00 Catered lunch
- 1:15 Translation workshop I (focus on general translation issues)
- 3:00 Refreshment break and networking
- 3:30 (to 4:45) Translation workshop II (focus on editing, quality control/assurance, research)

The JATPHARMA meeting and workshop will take place in Rydges Esplanade Resort Cairns, which is the official IJET hotel and the venue for the Friday evening IJET Zenyasai. 


Must-know English words that handle abstract ideas

Speaker: Daisuke Yanase

Western illustrated medical textbooks convinced Japanese physicians of the value of medical illustrations.

This is a sentence from my IJET-30 presentation, shown as originally written. My native English-speaking proofreader added "Access to" before the sentence. I should have thought of it!

Abstract English words such as access, agency, and entity are difficult for Japanese writers to use effectively, because they supply ideas that are hidden or absent in the source Japanese text but are needed in the corresponding English translation. The other side of the story is that close-to-native writing skills depend, in part, on the extent of proficiency with these abstract expressions. In this training session, I will try to share with you the fun of finding the right word for the right place. I am convinced these efforts will lead you to a breakthrough into better understanding how native English speakers think.