Deanne Lightfoot

Deanne is an industry advocate with 15-years experience supporting Aboriginal interpreting in Kimberley and across Western Australia in that time. Working collaboratively with the AIWA directors and the industry across delivery, education, advocacy and policy, she has helped bring the need for Aboriginal language Interpreters to the forefront of public policy. Deanne maintains the position that it is a basic human right for people to understand and be understood in their preferred language, whether that is a version of English or a traditional mother tongue.


Interpreters for Aboriginal Australians

Nganampa marnalu wangki kurnakujirnujuwal, nyurrawu mananyirrangulu kurnakjiwi wangki
(We are the interpreters, we change the language around for you)
Australia has been home to Aboriginal Australians for over fifty millennia. When British colonisers arrived in 1788, over 500...