The Japanese Commercial Lease Agreement

Legal translation is a stimulating and relatively well-remunerated aspect of Japanese/English translation, but one that can seem daunting to those who lack legal training and qualifications.  Within legal translation, the commercial contract is a type of document that I translate regularly, and one that any legal translator should be familiar with.  In the first half of our session I would like to use the Japanese lease agreement to examine how a commercial contract is put together.

In the second half of our session, I will be asking attendees to step into the shoes of a junior lawyer who is asked to draft an agreement of this kind.  We will also be considering how errors can be introduced in the drafting process, and how, as translators, we can become more sympathetic, both to the draftsman and to the ultimate user of our translations.

I will make sure there is time for Q&A at the end to discuss questions arising from the session itself or other issues relating to Japanese legal translation.  I shall be presenting this session in English, but using fully bilingual examples and resources.