Hands-on JATTOOLS Workshop

One major hurdle for translators attempting to take advantage of new programs is apprehension about getting started. Unlike sessions that introduce CAT programs and other tools in a lecture format, this unique workshop will give participants a chance to get hands-on experience with various tools and see how these tools are used in specific situations.

An overriding theme for the workshop will be “Interoperability on multiple levels” – an increasingly important problem for many translators as they work with multiple programs, in multiple operating systems, on multiple computers.

The workshop will cover several programs, in particular CAT programs such as Déjà Vu and Felix, as well as other programs such as Dragon Naturally Speaking and AnyCount. Participants are welcome to attend for part or all of the session, and there will be multiple stations set up in order to show as many tools as possible.

While we cannot accommodate every single request, suggestions for demonstrations are more than welcome – feel free to send suggestions to the JATTOOLS mailing list!