George Bourdaniotis

On graduating with a major in Japanese language from university, George first became a high school Japanese teacher in Australia before coming to Japan. During his 17 years experience in translation and interpreting, he worked at a web design company and as an in-house translator and translation coordinator at a software company. He also has extensive experience in translating press releases, promotional materials, web sites, and TV and video subtitles and scripts. He is also involved in event planning and promotion with domestic and international musicians.

When not working, networking or busy with JAT and SWET events, he is reading, listening to music, or doing the housework.


Getting into the Nitty-Gritty:

J-E Translation Workshop

東西、東西!Marian from Kanto and George from Kansai will present rather tricky Japanese sentences that have stumped even the most seasoned translator. Examples will feature ubiquitous gems that are so easy to understand when reading the Japanese yet require...