Marian Kinoshita (IJET-25)

Born and reared in the U.S, Marian has been intrigued with other languages and cultures since elementary school. A year at Nanzan University in Nagoya convinced her that becoming proficient in Japanese was her destiny! She established MDK Translations, Inc. in May 2008 after several years in the semiconductor business and 12 years of freelance translating. Following various requests, she offers everything from business, technical and cultural translation for her Japanese clients, to telephone interpreting and onsite assistance for her overseas clients. Her style reflects teamwork and shared humor with translators and editors to provide exceptional value and accuracy while keeping intensive work pleasant.

Marian currently serves as JAT president. During her off hours, she escapes into the fresh air to hike and Geocache, both locally and globally, while continuing in her pursuit of proficiency in Japanese!


Getting into the Nitty-Gritty:

J-E Translation Workshop

東西、東西!Marian from Kanto and George from Kansai will present rather tricky Japanese sentences that have stumped even the most seasoned translator. Examples will feature ubiquitous gems that are so easy to understand when reading the Japanese yet require...