Patent Translation for Beginners

An introduction to the legal framework, terminology and translation opportunities associated with patent rights

Every year around 700,000 new patent applications are filed. In part because patents are territorial rights and many new applications are filed in multiple countries/languages, and in part because patent applicants often need to have access to older patents filed in languages they may not understand, there is a wealth of work available for the patent translator. Patent translation requires knowledge of two distinct areas, namely of science and technology, and of the legal framework that underpins patent rights.

This presentation will focus on the latter by providing:

1. An overview of the application, prosecution and litigation processes involved in obtaining patent rights. Particular attention will be paid to identifying opportunities for the translator at each stage of the patenting process.
2. An introduction to the structure of the patent application as a text. We will identify the different sections of a patent application and touch upon translation strategies for dealing with each of these sections.
3. A brief look at some the wider challenges that patent translators face, and how to deal with them.

The presentation is aimed at both novice and experienced translators who have a scientific/technical background, and who are interested in expanding the range of specialised translation services they offer by moving into patent translation.