Crafting an Author’s Words

Editors work hard to refine authors’ texts, so readers don’t have to. Editing is much more than just fixing punctuation and reviewing word choice; it also includes developing storylines, researching, and ghost writing.

Gabi’s session will start with a presentation on how she became a professional editor, in which she will talk about some of the books she has edited and how editors and authors work together. She’ll also provide some useful-but-often-overlooked editing tips that can be used to refine your own writing.

Participants will then be divided into groups to edit some pre-prepared texts. The session will finish with each group presenting their edited texts, followed by some discussion and feedback from Gabi.

This session will be interesting and relevant to people who are considering working as a professional editor, budding authors wondering how best to work with an editor, and anyone who wants to rectify some of the poor writing habits they might have acquired over the years.