Gabi Plumm

Gabi Plumm is a Cairns-based freelance editor and a member of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd). Recently, IPEd selected Gabi to be one of 15 ambassadors in Australia who are tasked with providing presentations on editing to schools, libraries, and writing groups in a region of Australia. She has a BA in creative writing from Griffiths University and wrote for a documentary film maker before becoming an editor. She now works with a range of clients, from first-time authors to seasoned writers, editing both fictional and factual content.


Crafting an Author’s Words

Editors work hard to refine authors’ texts, so readers don’t have to. Editing is much more than just fixing punctuation and reviewing word choice; it also includes developing storylines, researching, and ghost writing.

Gabi’s session will start with a presentation on how she...