Manako Ihaya

Manako Ihaya is a former president of the Japan Association of Translators, having served on the JAT Board from 2006 to 2009. A Japanese>English interpreter and translator, she has been certified by the American Translators Associations to translate from Japanese into English since 1999, becoming a grader in 2008 and the language chair in 2019. Interpreting in both the consecutive and simultaneous modes as well as translating in both directions between English and Japanese, she refers to herself as a “Jill of All Trades.” She handles work in a wide variety of areas, including business, law, finance, information technology, medical and pharmaceutical. She also was a journalist at The Japan Times in Tokyo, and is a graduate of Sophia University, Tokyo.


Closing panel discussion: Three Decades of IJET and Beyond

This year there will be a special closing panel session on the theme “Three Decades of IJET and Beyond”, with four distinguished panelists — Tony Atkinson, Manako Ihaya, William Lise, and Satomi Matsumaru — all of whom have made an enormous contribution to the T&I industry. This...