Closing panel discussion: Three Decades of IJET and Beyond

This year there will be a special closing panel session on the theme “Three Decades of IJET and Beyond”, with four distinguished panelists — Tony Atkinson, Manako Ihaya, William Lise, and Satomi Matsumaru — all of whom have made an enormous contribution to the T&I industry. This will take the form of a three-part panel discussion moderated by Professor Judy Wakabayashi from Kent State University in Ohio. The first part will feature individual comments from each panelist with their views on the past three decades of IJET and the T&I industry. This will be followed by a Q&A session, where there will be an opportunity to ask questions of the panelists. In the final part of the session the panel will discuss the future of the T&I industry, with particular focus on how to succeed in an ever-changing translation market.