Tony Atkinson

Majoring in physics (BSc) at the University of Western Australia, Tony Atkinson taught science for ten years before switching careers to Japanese-English translation in 1988. A freelance translator since 1992, he now focuses mainly on the areas of medicine, drug development, and science communication. He also delivers workshops on pharma translation and English scientific writing to clients in Japan. He is currently President of the Japan Association of Translators and is a past chair of JATPHARMA, the JAT special-interest group dedicated to pharma translation.


Closing panel discussion: Three Decades of IJET and Beyond

This year there will be a special closing panel session on the theme “Three Decades of IJET and Beyond”, with four distinguished panelists — Tony Atkinson, Manako Ihaya, William Lise, and Satomi Matsumaru — all of whom have made an enormous contribution to the T&I industry. This...