Alexander Technique for translators

The Alexander Technique is a learning method of paying attention to ourselves and directing ourselves while we are doing something. Usually we do something with habitual patterns of using ourselves in terms of our physical body and our mind.

When we notice it takes extra effort for us to do something, we can release that, if we want. The Alexander Technique teaches you how to release your extra effort through the application of your mind. I do not teach “the right way to use your body,” such as “the right way of sitting at the computer,” but I witness what you are doing, and suggest where you might place your awareness and how you might direct yourself to release the extra effort.

1.     About the principles of Alexander Technique

2.     Body Mapping

  - the relationship between the head and neck

  - the bony structure of the arms

3. Activity lesson

You will learn how to use the tool of the Alexander Technique in your activities. I would like to experiment with participants on how to use the tool of the Alexander Technique when you work with a computer at a desk. The purpose of this session will be to find out how easily we can work with a computer. I will also gently lead you to release your extra attention with a hands-on technique.

Participants may bring a computer to facilitate the activity part of the session.