Kaori Myatt

Originally from a small snowy village in Niigata, Japan, Kaori Myatt is a France based translator, localizer and creative writer.

She has translated and localized many leading apps and social media sites into Japanese.

Her translation and editorial work has been published in numerous books, apps and online resources.

Currently, Kaori works as a consultant for Social Media companies, as well as managing her own localization company, WORD CONNECTION SARL (France) and WORD CONNECTION JAPAN.

Now a project coordinator for large projects and a multilingual translation provider, Kaori is also currently mentoring other translators at the University of East Anglia, UK.


Mine your term to be the best.  How to improve translation quality with term extract and text mining

Translation technology is improving day by day since computer-aided translation tools (CAT tools) were introduced to the industry. During this 60-min session, I would like to highlight general terminology management functions on popular CAT tools. Also I would like to talk about...