Keep your spoken Japanese alive and thriving and boost your translation speed too!

As Japanese-English translators living and working outside of Japan, it’s easy to neglect our spoken Japanese skills due to the nature of our work, which focuses on the written word and requires little to no verbal communication in Japanese (or even English, to some extent!). This can come back to haunt us when we travel to Japan for work and/or leisure, and find ourselves struggling to communicate even with the local conbini clerk…

This session will present two simple exercises for incorporating spoken Japanese into your daily life and work routine, and demonstrate how it can even help improve your work efficiency by boosting your translation speed. These exercises are based on common training skills for interpreters (as was presented at IJET24).

This is an interactive session in which participants will work alone and in pairs to complete the exercises and provide feedback, and also present their own ideas for maintaining and improving spoken Japanese. No prior knowledge of interpreting is required; so please join in and find out  “how to keep your spoken Japanese alive and thriving!”