Akiko Sasaki-Summers

Akiko Sasaki-Summers

Akiko Sasaki-Summers has worked as a full-time freelancer as well as an in-house translator since 1997. She has been a grader (English-to-Japanese) in the ATA’s Certification Program for sixteen years. Her specializations include medicine and cybersecurity. She has presented at previous ATA conferences on translation tools and dictionaries as well as software localization, and was on a panel on specialization. Also, since 2021 she has served as an instructor at webinars for translators to work effectively with translation agencies in the USA. She has a BA in English/American literature from Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan.


ATA Certification Workshop (J>E, E>J)

The ATA Certification Workshop (Japanese-to-English and English-to-Japanese) begins with a brief overview of ATA’s certification process, testing procedures, grading standards, and the switch from in-person exams to on-line, on-demand exams. Participants will then divide into small groups and work through a source-language passage that is similar to the passages used for the actual exams. A...