IJET-28 in Columbus

日英翻訳・通訳業界全体の底上げ – Come. Learn. Columbus.

The only international conference dedicated to the Japanese <-> English translation industry is coming to the heartland of America’s manufacturing industry.
Come, learn, and enjoy tours of Amish country, local brew pubs and wineries, the largest manga collection outside of Japan, art galleries, and the hands-on COSI science museum – play Columbus and discover Ohio.


Bridging the J E Gap in a Large Organization

Providing communication services for a large organization like Nikon Precision includes a number of varied challenges. Staying on top of translating large amounts of Japanese information into English, making sure engineers on-site can effectively communicate with each other, and...

Legal Interpretation/Deposition

Ms. Kawasumi will discuss her experience interpreting for clients in criminal and civil antitrust depositions, explain how the depositions appear, review mannerisms unique to this type of deposition and the preparation required for the depositions. 

The Face of Another Galapagos: Reading Japan Today

What face does Japan present to the world today? News about business and politics gives an important part of the picture, but literature gives a different kind of insight. The term “Galapagos syndrome” is frequently used to describe Japanese technology products so uniquely...


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