IJET-29 in Osaka

""Rethinking the role of human linguists ― 言葉に命を吹き込む""

Announcement of IJET-29

The Japan Association of Translators (JAT) has organized International Japanese-English Translation Conferences (IJETs) every year as a place for professionals to meet and exchange ideas and as an opportunity to learn about the business with sessions on topics covering all aspects of translation and interpreting between English and Japanese. In 2018, IJET-29 will be held in Osaka.

At this conference, we hope to not only discuss our role amid globalization and the rapid advance of language-related technologies such as machine translation, but also how we can bring life to translation and interpreting.

IJET sessions generally cover many topics related to translation and interpreting ranging from technical to literary translation and interpreting and everything in between, as well as the business and ergonomic aspects of working in this field.

IJET Dates: June 30-July 1

Registration is now open

Opening Ceremony and Keynote Speech:  June 29 (evening: Open 4 pm Start 5 pm)   

Zenyasai Venue: Lagunaveil Premier (June 29 19:30~)


JAT Special Interest Groups will also organize pre-IJET sessions on June 29th (morning and afternoon) at the Osaka City Central Public Hall.


We look forward to seeing you at IJET-29 in Osaka.





米国のカジノの拠点、ラスベガスの片隅に、等身大の美女のパネルを玄関に飾ったビルがあります。何あろう、国立核実験博物館。20世紀後半に近くの砂漠地帯で盛んに大気圏核実験が繰り返されたことを記念した建物なのです。 でも、ここでは核兵器の材料であるプルトニウムの生産工程や、巨大なキノコ雲が立ち上がる核実験の写真、それに「核戦争になっても大丈夫」と言いたいのか、地下シェルターの中でテレビにくつろぐ親子の蝋人形などがあるのみ。「人間の死」の姿は見えず、代わりに男たちが「ミス原爆」コンテストを楽しんでいるというわけです。  ...


“Test of Business Interpreting Skills (TOBIS)” at I-JET 29.

Notification about the “Test of Business Interpreting Skills (TOBIS)” at I-JET 29. I-JET attendees who are interested in business interpreting should take note of the following: The 19th Test of Business Interpreting Skills (TOBIS): The Test of Business Interpreting Skills...

Early Bird ends at 11:59:59PM (JST) on April 30th.

 Please register early to take advantage of the discount! https://ijet.jat.org/register Registration ticket prices Early Bird (until April 30):  28,500 yen for JAT members; 33,500 yen for non-JAT members Standard (May 1 - June 24): 33,500 yen for JAT members; 38,500 yen for...


IJET-29ではボランティアを募集しています。 期間:6月29日~7月1日 (一部のみでも可能ですが、できたら3日間を希望します) 作業:6月29日 開会式準備、開会式受付、誘導、メインセッション準備、前夜祭準備 等 (11:30~20:00頃まで) 6月30日 セッション準備、受付、誘導、ランチ&リフレッシュメント準備(ゴミ処理含む)、セッションアシスタント等 (8:15~20:00頃まで) 7月1日  セッション準備、受付、誘導、ランチ&リフレッシュメント準備(ゴミ処理含む)、セッションアシスタント等 撤収 (8:30~18:00頃まで) 応募方法...