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Cancellation Policy

The following refund schedule will apply depending on date of cancellation:
Cancellations on or before February 22: 90% refund (minus fees)
Cancellations between February 23 and March 3: 75% refund (minus fees)
Cancellations  between March 4 and March 24: 60% refund (minus fees)
There will be no refunds for cancellations on or after March 25.
The cancellation process must be completed by 11:59:59 Eastern Standard Time on the deadline date.

Policy on Photography and Filming

Recordings for Personal Use. You may keep and use sound, video, and photographic records you make during this event for personal data and reference, but not for commercial, publicity, advertising, or other such purposes. Please respect the privacy and rights of other participants and ask for their permission before posting such recordings publicly.

Consent to be Photographed and/or Filmed. By registering for this conference or any of its related events, you may be photographed or filmed. Japan Association of Translators may use these recordings for promotional purposes.