IJET-29 Osaka is looking for sponsors

The application for sponsors is now closed. Thank you to all of the sponsors who will be participating at IJET 29!


If you become a sponsor, you can receive the following benefits depending on your sponsor rank.

For example:

1) Use of tables in the refreshment room. You can use a table as a counter or for distributing pamphlets.
2) Use of vacant rooms after sessions on the first day (usage may be restricted by the venue and IJET-29).
3) Presentation of your company name: signboards at the venue, a link banner on the web site, a Japanese fan with your logo on it, acknowledgment before sessions, etc.
4) Business card information of translators and other participants at IJET-29 (only of participants who agree to provide their information)
5) Free registration to IJET-29 (higher-ranked sponsors only)

For more information, please contact ijet-29@jat.org to receive a sponsor package.

Hundreds of participants attend IJETs and the IJET-29 will be held in the center of Osaka city so we can expect many professional translators and interpreters from all over Japan and around the world. We also expect many student participants.
Your support will be appreciated to further develop the translation and interpreting industry.

Please click here (https://ijet.jat.org/sponsors/application) to apply.