Carol Lawson

Carol Lawson

Carol Lawson is an Associate Professor (Anglo-American Law) at the University of Tokyo. Her main research field is comparative criminal justice regulation. She also speaks, writes and teaches in the area of law and language, particularly Japanese to English legal translation and plain legal language and is the co-author, with Tetsuro Kurata, of わかりやすい語法による英文就業規則の作り方Drafting Work Rules in Plain Legal English (2nd ed., Nihon Hōrei, 2022). A member of the Ministry of Justice Japanese Law Translation Council since 2020, she also served on Australia’s National Association for the Accreditation of Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) Japanese Examiner Panel across 2011~2014. She taught legal translation in the UQ Masters in Japanese Interpreting and Translation (MAJIT) across 2004-2011. She is admitted to practice law in the ACT and holds graduate degrees in Japanese law and translation studies.


Good Habits in Japanese-to-English Legal Translation: Legislation, Rules and Regulations (JATLAW)

This interactive workshop will explore how to develop good habits in translating Japanese legislation, rules and regulations. We will focus on habits that produce target text that is a) fluid - meaning that it reads like natural legal English and b) faithful - meaning that it reproduces the meaning and internal logic of the source text. These habits will also help translators who work on a wide...