Heather Glass

Heather Glass

Heather Glass’ career has spanned over 40 years, interpreting and translating in business and diplomatic domains for diverse clients around the Asia-Pacific. She works as a translator, technical writer and instructional designer and is lso pursuing research as a Masters (by thesis) candidate at Melbourne University. Heather manages interpreting teams and the production of high-quality bilingual material incorporating multiple quality assurance steps. Her own work as an interpreter has included interpreting for Prime Ministers and other senior politicians, interpreting in conferences, courts and for bilateral negotiations, on oil rigs, in abattoirs and in shipyards. Heather is also a trainer and assessor in Australia’s regulated vocational education and training system (VET) and an occasional university tutor in Japanese interpreter and translator skills. Her students come from commercial, migrant and Aboriginal language backgrounds. Heather is also a teacher of language service users, in particular health clinicians, lawyers, police and judicial officers.


Revision—the ‘truly invisible’ step in the translation process

There is general acceptance in corporate and institutional quality assurance standards, such as ISO 17100, of process-reliant translation, which incorporates revision. There is nevertheless a general lack of consensus on whether revision by someone other than a translator improves a translation, and scarce research on how visible and valuable are the effects of revision to the end-user....