Izumi Suzuki

Izumi Suzuki

Izumi Suzuki became a conference interpreter in Tokyo after graduating from the Japan Interpreter Training School and then completing the ISS Simultaneous Interpreters Course. She moved to Michigan over 30 years ago and established Suzuki, Myers & Associates, Ltd., a language and cultural training firm, in 1984. An ATA-certified Japanese<>English translator, she has been a grader for ATA's Certification Program for over two decades and now a member of the Certification Committee. She specializes in business, engineering, and manufacturing texts related to the automotive industry. She is also a certified court interpreter in California, Michigan, and Tennessee.


ATA Certification Workshop (J>E, E>J)

The ATA Certification Workshop (Japanese-to-English and English-to-Japanese) begins with a brief overview of ATA’s certification process, testing procedures, grading standards, and the switch from in-person exams to on-line, on-demand exams. Participants will then divide into small groups and work through a source-language passage that is similar to the passages used for the actual exams. A...