Jim Rion

Translator and writer

Jim Rion

Jim Rion is a translator and writer in Yamaguchi Prefecture specializing in the sake brewing industry in Yamaguchi. In addition to translating websites for sake breweries all over Japan, he has translated and written about the industry for the print magazine Sake Today and websites like Nippon.Com, AllAbout Japan, Wami, and more. His first authored book, Discovering Yamaguchi Sake, was published in February 2023 by Stone Bridge Press. He also does general and literary translation and takes the occasional cat photo. His personal website and blog can be found at www.JimRion.com.


Specializing in Standing Out

When I first started freelance translation, it felt like I was facing a binary choice: establish yourself as a stand-out specialist in one field to earn more money, or be a lower profile generalist for more variety but less income. Being a contrarian by nature, I decided to try for both. Guided by the idea that “the best part of ‘freelancing’ is the ‘free’ part,” I avoided more established...