Naoto Okamura


Naoto Okamura

Naoto Okamura is a freelance reporter-cum-translator or a journalator. For over two decades, he has been doing mostly Japanese-to-English translations in Tokyo and Hong Kong. Since 2007, he has worked for several English-language media outlets, both Western and Japanese, and has covered some major news events, including the 2018 Nissan-Carlos Ghosn corporate scandal and a criminal trial involving the Japanese automaker and its former American executive Greg Kelly as a member of a pool reporting team organized by Tokyo-based foreign media organizations. Prior to his freelance career launched in 2016, he worked as an in-house translator at a Fujitsu’s subsidiary in Hong Kong, the University of Tokyo, and the then-Nikkei English editorial department, now known as Nikkei Asia. He also teaches interpreting and translation at several institutions in Tokyo, including a stint as a part-time translation lecturer at Temple University Japan until November 2022.


The issue of visibility from the perspective of a journalator

In English-language journalism, Japanese reporters and Japanese-speaking foreign reporters need to translate a lot from Japanese to English as part their reporting. These reporters are sometimes called journalators, i.e., journalists who translate. The speaker has worked as a journalator at several English-language media outlets in Tokyo for over a decade and converts everything from news...