Alasdair Morgan

Alasdair Morgan

Alasdair Morgan is a Japanese translator-reviser in the Asian Languages Section of the Patent Cooperation Treaty Translation Service at The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). He spent several years teaching English in Niigata starting in 1992, where his passion for the Japanese language was ignited. After intensively studying Japanese there for several years in his spare time, he returned home to Vancouver and began working as a freelance translator in 1999, focusing primarily on translating for the automotive industry. Upon returning to Japan in 2002, he began specializing in pharmaceutical and biomedical translation. In 2014, Alasdair moved with his family to Geneva, Switzerland to work in-house at WIPO.


Patent Translation in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

This session is geared towards new and experienced patent translators, particularly those who are considering, or have already begun, incorporating neural machine translation (NMT) tools into their workflow. We will present numerous real-life examples of how WIPO’s in-house NMT tool renders patent text (claims etc.) and discuss where it tends to excel and where it fails. We will also discuss...