David Higbee

David Higbee

David is a certified court and conference interpreter based in California, working in the Japanese (B) <> English (A) <> Spanish (A) languages. He was previously 1) a corporate trainer for the Shapiro Negotiations Institute, 2) an in-house interpreter at Honda R&D in Los Angeles and 3) a street performer as a human octopus before wising up and starting his own translation and interpretation firm, Trifecta Translations. He is fanatical about infotainment, freelancer empowerment, and multilingual communication. Beware: He might pull a ukulele out of his back pocket at any moment.


Building an (Almost) Unsinkable Ship through Smart Competition and Collaboration: A Networking and Business Development Proposal for 2024 and Beyond

Part 1: Discuss my personal journey to where I am today as an interpreter and translator, paying special emphasis on how I was able to expand my business thanks to the many connections I've made along the way, how some of my favorite projects came about, as well as some of the crises that led me to rely on my network, leading me to new perspectives on how to better build our profession. Part...