Richard Sadowsky

Richard Sadowsky

Richard has been a full-time freelance translator in general fields since Heisei 1 (1989), living on Awaji Island. He has helped organize past IJETs (Kyoto, Kobe, Hawaii) and has been a mentor in JAT’s eJuku program since 2013. He is a self-professed early adopter of technologies although not a coder and non-technical by nature.

His interest in MT, ChatGPT, and AI is an outgrowth of a professional curiosity about how online tools can be put to use to produce better translations. He hopes to be able to facilitate a discussion that will spark interest in intelligently adopting these tools and considering their implications for the future.


How Translators Can Use AI Tools Now and What’s in Store?

AI technologies are like Felix the Cat’s magic bag of tricks, and they are taking shape online in ever-expanding ways. This presentation will cover some of the current tools and how translators can use them, ChatGPT in particular. We will avoid speculating on the emergence of a super-intelligent species misaligned with humanity’s survival. However, we will take comments from the species in the...