Introducing the IJET-31 Committee
With IJET-31 confirmed for June 24-25 at Tokyo Big Sight, the volunteer committee
have been busy organizing everything needed to pull it off. In keeping with this
year’s theme, we thought it was time to put the people backstage, on-stage.

Jordan Taylor Chair
Jordan Taylor is a Japanese to English literary translator specializing in fantasy
and science fiction. She also does technical translation, particularly for the
automotive field.
What’s does your role entail?
I keep everyone on track, fill in the gaps when we are short on hands for certain
tasks, and make final decisions if the committee is ever stuck on which direction
to go.
What’s hard?
Keeping track of it all. There’s so much going on and so many things to remember.
There is a bit of stress too, since I’m the person “in charge” so to speak, which is
quite a bit of responsibility.
What’s fun?
I get to work with great people and make the kind of IJET I want to see. I also
enjoy doing the design work (for past IJETs I helped with, I handled designing the
program and other materials).
What’s your IJET?
This is the first IJET since the JATBOOK SIG started up, so I’m excited to network
within that group, with other literary translators.