Translators on FIRE: The Hopes and Hype of Early Retirement


Jun 25, 2023 @ 3:45 PM

You may have heard of the FIRE movement: Financial Independence, Retire Early. Is early retirement desirable or even possible as a lowly translator, or is it just a dream for those with fancy engineering and IT salaries attempting to escape the rat race?

This session will introduce FIRE for the uninitiated, explain the presenter's perspective on how the concept differs as a freelance translator, and offer strategies and suggestions for those looking to get on the path, including how to adapt and benefit from FI principles even if the RE part isn't for you. The tips shared should help anyone in improving their personal finances, whether to retire early, take some time off, negotiate terms from a position of strength, or just save a bit more in case your career is cut short by our AI-powered tech overlords. Practical suggestions will include the power of FU money, house hacking, travel hacking, grocery shopping/cooking tips, transportation, and more, applicable and tested in both Japan and the US. Applicable for all ages and earning levels.