Shiho Koizumi

Shiho Koizumi

A dedicated Medical/Pharmaceutical translator, Shiho is quite active within the Japan Association of Translators (JAT) as a JATPHARMA SIG steering committee member. She is also a Doctor of Public Health candidate enrolled at Kyoto University School of Public Health since April 2022. Shiho translates a broad range of medical documents including academic papers and focuses on health literacy and medical English education, teaching med/pharma translation at translation schools and lecturing on medical statistics at various seminars. Her affiliations include Japan Translation Foundation (JTF) and Japan Medical and Scientific Communicators Association (JMCA).


フリーランス通翻訳者のための健康管理術 / Stay Healthy and Grab Quality ZZZs in 2023

Freelance linguists—between short delivery times, chaotic fluctuations of workloads, and the encroaching threat of AI—find it ever more difficult to maintain regular sleep-wake cycles, exercise, and eat in a manner conducive to good health. When’s the last time you had a proper check-up? Who needs a doctor when there’s a wealth of free health advice on TikTok, right? The pandemic has enhanced...