With IJET-31 confirmed for June 24-25 at Tokyo Big Sight, the volunteer committee have been busy organizing everything needed to pull it off. In keeping with this year’s theme, we thought it was time to put the people backstage, on-stage.

Jordan Taylor – Chair

Jordan Taylor

Jordan Taylor is a Japanese to English literary translator specializing in fantasy and science fiction. She also does technical translation, particularly for the automotive field.

What’s does your role entail?

I keep everyone on track, fill in the gaps when we are short on hands for certain tasks, and make final decisions if the committee is ever stuck on which direction to go.

What’s hard?

Keeping track of it all. There’s so much going on and so many things to remember. There is a bit of stress too, since I’m the person “in charge” so to speak, which is quite a bit of responsibility.

What’s fun?

I get to work with great people and make the kind of IJET I want to see. I also enjoy doing the design work (for past IJETs I helped with, I handled designing the program and other materials).

What’s your IJET?

This is the first IJET since the JATBOOK SIG started up, so I’m excited to network within that group, with other literary translators.

Aiko Higashi – Program Coordinator

Aiko Higashi

Aiko Higashi is a translator from English and/or Spanish to Japanese having the background of international development, education and Latin American studies.

What does your role entail?

My first task was to contact potential speakers to organize the program. I will have to allocate presentations to make IJET-31 Tokyo more attractive.

What’s hard?

People whom I had contact with already have rich experiences. I sometimes hesitate to tell them what to do as a next step because of lack of experience as a translator and a coordinator.

What’s fun?

I can learn a lot from experienced people including committee members and others such as a discussion skill and a communication skill. In addition, helping each other in the committee is also warm-hearted.

What’s your IJET?

A challenge and a chance. This is my first IJET. It’s full of the unknown. I want to enjoy this opportunity.

Phil Robertson –Webmaster

Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson is a co-founder and co-owner of honyaku-plus.com

What does your role entail?

Uploading content to the IJET-31 website

What’s hard?

JAT's cookie-cutter IJET/PROJECT template is highly inflexible, which sometimes makes it difficult to carry out tasks or customize settings—jobs that would be trivial under other systems.

What’s fun?

Scouting local venues for the zenyasai.

What’s your IJET?

Seeing top-class presenters offer their take on the overarching trends in the translation industry.

宮田 昭二 - 会計担当 

Shoji Miyata

宮田 昭二 (Shoji “Sean” Miyata)はIT関係のマニュアル等の文書とデジタル・マーケティングを取り扱っている英日翻訳者です。









Heidi Karino – PR Coordinator

Heidi Karino

Heidi Karino is a Japanese-to-English translator specializing in transcreation and copywriting for digital marketing and advertising content.

What does your role entail?

Getting the word out about the event. This means working with Japanese committee members to create promotional content for the website, social media, newsletters, and other material.

What’s hard?

Finding enough time to do everything I want to do!

What’s fun?

Marketing is my translation specialism so I get to use my skills, and also experiment with things that I wouldn’t be able to do for a client.

What’s your IJET?

This is my first IJET so just going will be an experience. I’m looking forward to making new connections, meeting the committee members in person, and trying to catch as many sessions as I can.

Norio Sugiyama – Venue Coordinator

Norio Sugiyama

Norio Sugiyama is an English to Japanese translator specializing in patent specifications.

What does your role entail?

I am in charge of arranging the conference venue, banquet, and zenyasai etc. so making reservations for the venue, etc. after comparing some candidates in terms of cost, location, etc.

What’s hard?

I need much time because I have to collect and put together much information about the candidates and pick out the best one.

What’s fun?

I am really enjoying working with excellent people from Japan and abroad.

What’s your IJET?

This is my 3rd time IJET. I am involved this time as a committee member not as a participant. I am looking forward to experience the IJET from the conference organizer side.

Charles Aschmann – Assistant Webmaster

Charles Aschmann

Charles Aschmann is a semi-retired technical/pharma translator who does some interpreting work.

What does your role entail?

I respond to committee needs for technical work on the website, assisting the IJET Webmaster, Phil, where necessary and filling in with web work where required.

What’s hard?

The urge by committee members to individualize the website instead of using the established and proven system.

What’s fun?

It is always fun to watch the committee find itself and learn about IJET and what it entails. Good to see the content come together.

What’s your IJET?

I am looking forward to seeing the fruition of all the hard work that goes into putting on an IJET. I am also looking forward to getting together with everyone.