Although various seminars and workshops to date have addressed health management in translators and interpreters, we still lack a comprehensive overview of how occupational hazards such as lengthy sit times, disrupted sleep health, and mind-body complaints affect linguist well-being.

As part of the IJET-31 session presented by JATPHARMA, the speakers would like to conduct a survey of interpreters, translators, and proofreaders and analyze the results to provide an objective basis for further insight into these issues. The speakers request and appreciate your cooperation in completing the survey below to raise awareness of the future health risks facing our industry.

All of those who respond will receive feedback on the results after our IJET-31 presentation (upon request). Although the questions are extensive, the speakers very much appreciate your answering as many as possible and, if time permits, also fill in the areas available for free comments.

Answer Survey

Survey Deadline:Saturday, June 17, 24:00 JST (tentative)